About Leaders and Change

Alabama, US of A, October 8, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Leaders and Change.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The fact that people can choose their own reality becomes more evident at the time of choosing the leaders that will direct the course of a nation. Most people choose the leaders who have promised them something that may ensure the continuity of the status they currently enjoy. Only those who suffer or are somehow dissatisfied with the status quo will want a change. The problem is not the ideology of any political party. The problem is that those who vote in elections most of the time make their decisions with a myopic perspective and motivated only by their self-interest.

“How many among you truly consider what is best for the group, the nation, or the world at the time of electing your leaders? How many of you desire to promote an environment where all can have the same opportunities to grow and live a plentiful life, a life of authentic spiritual experiences? How many among you truly consider the men and women of this world as their siblings, their partners in the adventure of creating a better reality? The decisions you make to elect your governments and their policies suffer from the same disadvantages of the decisions that you make for your own life: a lack of intellectual and spiritual depth, in which you consider that which is best as secondary to your personal benefit.

“This is why so many governments at these times keep focusing on policies and courses of action that promote wars, mistrust, indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources and misrepresentation of finances to promote a false image of abundance that is about to fall of its own weight. Heavy loads are being placed on the shoulders of the human beings of this world, who are so distracted and busy with materialistic projects they don’t even question why they are here or what they are living for.

“The change will only happen when all of us change within our hearts and when the impulse to be better becomes the rule. Once perfection stops being the impossible dream of becoming the goal of the majority of human beings on this world, the ‘kingdom of heaven’ will at last become a reality upon this earth and the will of the Father will find a more complete and faithful form of expression in the lives of His many children on this sphere.”

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