So Fortunate! The Outright Winner!

Illawarra District, Australia, June 6, 2017.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “So Fortunate! The Outright Winner!”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Damascus Scribe: “Of necessity, those who are born of woman to occupy space/time worlds are handicapped when compared to their purely spiritual siblings like Cherubim and Seraphim. With little more than the mere ‘shadows’ of ancestral experiences and beliefs, much of it faultily embedded in their DNA, human children need generally to be educated by human teachers — their seniors by just a few generations.

“With their angelic minds, or better, your guardian angels and yes, your Thought Adjusters, have a much easier time of it. They are ready and fully prepared to ‘soak it all up’ and as well, they are taught by those who have passed on information for thousands of years, know all the pitfalls and know by heart the psychoanalyses and detailed scripts of the innate abilities of any one and all of their hundreds of eager to learn students. Truly, my good friend, there are very few surprises experienced on those training gounds on High. Although extremely rare, there are some.

“Your planet, however and together with some three dozen others have long been the sick children of Nebadon. There is not, absolutely not, a comparison that you can draw on between any other planet, even a decimal planet, in your local universe and your troubled world. So, let everyone who has a mind to record, an eye to see and an ear to hear take note of what I have to share with you now. You are so fortunate to live on this world, at this time and in these circumstances. Oh, yes! Your lives may be tough, spoiled by misfortune, uprooted by wars or tarnished by unspeakable crimes, but you are the outright winners!

“More so than anyone you are to become Michael’s Soldiers, His Adjutants and Lieutenants, because by your serving the Master you’re serving your kin and by serving your kin you’re serving the Master. Beyond your local universe you will come fully into the Creator-Father’s employ and your experience will serve you well as you learn so very much, mature most adequately and perfect yourself totally in your tasks and proclaim, ‘You were so fortunate to live on that world! You are the outright winner!’

“So I say to you, my friends, ‘Live your life for others and thereby for yourself and for the Creator-Father . . . so fortunate!

“I am the Damascus Scribe. Call on me often.”

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