The Gradual Expansion of Personal Freedom

Oregon, US of A, June 3, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Gradual Expansion of Personal Freedom.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “All of you have been created to be ‘free spirits,’ yet, it is a gradual process of personal evolution. This is due to the fact that there always needs to be some protective parameters around each individual — depending on his or her degree of maturity.

“An unborn child is nestled in the mother’s protective womb. After his birth, the parents are the ones making all the decisions about his welfare and education. Once he learns to walk, the range of his playground expands and his parents help him investigate his immediate surroundings, after stripping them of any potential threats. From his perspective, the child may feel empowered by his growing freedom and it will satisfy him for a while.

“After having reached the full developmental potentials provided at his home base, the time will come for the child to be enlisted in the social setting of a school, away from parental supervision, yet he will not be left unsupervised.

“Each of life’s stages allows the individual to expand the reach of his personal freedom — his field of action. As he proves himself worthy to be granted more personal power, he will be given more responsibility. There should be no delegation of power without the recipient’s demonstrated ability to be responsible for it. Unbridled freedom is extremely hazardous to the self and to others as it refuses to take ownership of the responsibility attached to it. It then becomes an act of utmost selfishness where the individual demonstrates an overinflated ego while considering others as expendable. This is the unfortunate legacy of the Lucifer rebellion.

“Après moi le deluge.” — when I am gone let happen what may — is a French expression that reflects an attitude devoid of compassion toward others. Each action has consequences and true freedom weighs the pros against the cons and only incites ‘pro-actions’ — the ones with a bright future.

“Dear ones, your free-will is a God-given attribute of your personal freedom. Yet, it can weigh on your shoulders, as it is coupled with responsibility. By taking ‘free-will’ decisions, you have to accept the fact that you are responsible for their outcome. The ‘blame game’ that is so widespread in your world is a sorry discharge of personal responsibility. It is the refusal to own up to the impact of your actions. All of you are quick to take credit for what turns out right. You should also humbly acknowledge the errors of your ways, as it is within your free-will prerogatives to do something about them. This process of trial and error, when adequately reviewed, will become part of your personal ‘empowerment’ as you will harvest much practical wisdom in the process.”

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