Spiritual Leaders

Alabama, US of A, October 12, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Spiritual Leaders.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “An exemplary life is the best preaching and the best inspiration a spiritual leader can offer to those he or she serves. The words that come from the minds of these leaders may sometimes be confusing — and due to the difference in the way of thinking of each listener — even be misinterpreted, since it is always difficult to present and understand a new and higher truth. But a life that illustrates those words or ideas is always eloquent and direct, appealing to our sense of justice and inspiring true adoration.

“A spiritual leader is a person who walks first the path that he or she wants to show their followers. How could you lead anybody on a path you yourself don’t know? Inevitably you would be lost and you would drag your followers with you. You should live the truths you desire to share with your siblings. You should make the best decisions that are suggested by your spirit in every situation in life, so those who search for truth can observe how a spiritual life is to be lived.

“A true spiritual leader does not bring his or her followers to the truth. An authentic leader knows the value of experience and personal achievement, therefore the leader is only concerned with showing the way, letting each person live by their own terms. A human being can never convince another to think in his or her way. Each one of you has been born to find truth in your own personal way to then become an individual and original expression of that truth. The total understanding of reality can only be achieved through the efforts of all beings. The experience of one is useful to all and the individual realizations are then added to all universal realizations. This is why every experience is important, because it represents one more work in the infinite book that describes reality, a book that is available to all.

“A spiritual leader is first of all a lover of humanity. Only a love that is unconditional and authentic can give origin to the desire of bringing every person that crosses your path towards a more meaningful and happy life. Love incites a soul to share it all and those who have tasted the delights of eternity and heard the melodies of divinity desire with all their hearts to share these glories with others. A true spiritual leader therefore never forces anybody to follow, he or she just shares the treasures found and those who decide to follow this leader will do the same.

“A true spiritual leader — like the ones that are so necessary in your world today — recognizes unity of purpose while accepting individual differences. A leader of love does not keep count of the souls gained for his or her cause. Rather, he or she is a dedicated sower, spreading the seeds of truth in the hearts of those he or she meets, leaving the reaping in the hands of each individual, because that leader knows that each fruit of spirit rising from this earth is a treasure for all. The most successful service that Michael provided to His children in this world was made while he was walking as an unknown man giving morsels of truth to the hungry souls he encountered every day. Those mortals who saw His life and His example were the ones who obtained the most benefit (more than did those who only heard His speeches) and were the ones who produced abundant fruit that in turn elevated the lives of others.”

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