The Greater Good

Chicago, US of A, April 13, 2017.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “The Greater Good.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “In the minds of thoughtful people, the greater good is more than a general good. It is a better good, a more important good than is the individual good. In your world, this expression has been used by philosophers, politicians, and religionists, with different meanings and for the justification of various actions, not always ethical or moral actions. As you could verify, the Urantia Papers don’t mention this important expression. Good, is a thing, goodness is a value, but ‘greater good’ is a relative evaluation of ‘good,’ and as such, a judgment of value. What else can be said about the 'Greater Good?’

“Firstly, Consider the Reach of the Greater Good. Surely there is such thing as greater good, and it is always in place when the individual waives or accepts to diminish his or her own benefit in favor of another. Even if it benefits only one person other than you, it is a greater good. The reach of the greater good is proportional to the number of people involved and therefore, it is always relative because people rarely have an accurate notion of all that is involved in their decisions. Then, the real dimension of a greater good is its greatness, its significance, not the size.

“Further, Consider the Misuse of the Greater Good Ideal. It happens when people use the idea of ‘greater good’ either as an ideological tool or a panacea — it happens frequently, more often than one would expect. The greater good usually requires a sacrifice but it must come from an individual decision about the self, not from a leader requiring a sacrifice from other people. A tough decision may be the best name for it given the circumstances, but that doesn’t make it being in service of the greater good. Indeed, if the well-being of a single person involved is neglected, it is not of a greater good.

“Finally, Consider the Greater Good from God’s Perspective. God is the only one who is really capable of conceiving and executing the Greater Good, even the Greatest Good. God, due to His infinite knowledge, power and love, has all the capabilities of doing the greater good. He is no respecter of persons, and only He is capable of doing anything and everything good for all, every time. Usually, God does not interfere with human decisions, but if He does, it is in such way that all concerned are never unjustly or unfairly treated. God knows the better, even the best good.

“Therefore, my pupil, there are both the absolute and the relative greater good. The former is of God; the latter is of man. Unselfish actions that promote the wellbeing of others always result in the greater good. But the misuse of this ideal is real, mainly in Politics and Religion, usually to mask personal motives and greed for power. Emotions can also misname the greater good. Do not ask sacrifices in name of the greater good, because it is not your call to do so, but solely the individual’s. Only God really knows and does what amounts to the greatest good. I am Prolotheos, your tutor and teacher on High.”

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