Caring for the Family

Illawarra District, Australia, June 18, 2017.
The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “Caring for the Family.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “For anyone brought up on a rebellious planet it is difficult to always remember that all of the Master’s creatures are kin, In fact, my friend, when Michael calls you His brother, you inwardly cringe a little for after all these years of comfortably ‘lining up for work’ with your Midwayer brothers and sisters as equals, the Master still awes you. And He awes you to such a degree that you once again clearly need to force yourself to see your innate respect for the Creator Son ‘happily sit next to’ friendship. How awkward is that? How difficult at least!

“Are you aware of this momentary, awkward feeling? Good! You know it! Do you know what causes these feelings? No! They remain a mystery and they may long be something to overcome for those young ones who unluckily endured the second world war of starvation in Europe. Your elders, of necessity, needed to ‘scrape’ for long hours to survive and few had time left over for their youngsters. Untrained teachers with their arrays of brutal punishment, even the doings of ham-handed priests, only ever deserved relentless distrust.

“For a deeply thinking child, for any child, really, this was not a world that fostered trust in grown-ups. Why trust a bishop who appointed that bungling priest? Why trust a pope who appointed that bishop? And who appointed the pope and according to that bible of God’s words was known to get angry and jealous? Took sides in wars? What legacy of misinformation and most errant human suppositions!

“The teacher with his whipping rattan cane is your brother. Surprise! The village priest is of your kin. What a blow! Even the pope is family. When finally you are released from the Urantia special ‘internment’ camp on Mansonia One, you will at last understand and fully accept that all God-knowing creatures of all colors, all lands, all religions, yes, all planets, are family. Your eyes will be opened and you will be eager to tell us that we were always right; that all are equal and that all are immediate family.

“In time you will be caring for that very family and you will do that well. On Mansonia, when you have unlearnt some remaining quasy spiritual beliefs, you will learn to love all those who now denounce you, distrust you or call you a fraud. For as much as they now think they know you, you will by then have taught them things of undeniable value and truth.

“For now, my friend, always do count on Me for the answers that don’t come readily to mind. I Am the Damascus Scribe.”

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