Human Will

Alabama, US of A, October 15, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Human Will.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Our Father could have created a universe of puppets, but He didn’t. Will is what gives originality to your being and it is an important feature of your personality. Originality and variety in the universes are only possible thanks to this individual will. When we talk about yielding human (or celestial) will to the Divine Will, we are not talking about following it blindly. This is simply to always choose the best path — the path with the most love — which is the best way of doing things that provide a greater good for the biggest number of beings.

“Human beings have been granted free will and it can be used to decide to learn the best path. This path has already been created by the Father and is available to all, so each one can decide to follow it and thus achieve success in eternity. There would be no value in choosing to consecrate your life to the highest ideals and trying to become increasingly perfect if the possibility of making the wrong decision or choosing another path did not exist.

“Your will is what allows you to rise by your own efforts and by your own means above the animal nature to become a perfected spirit. This is how a human being reaches the level of God, a miraculous transformation that amazes all those who have the fortune to observe the interesting and varied lives that are lived by the creatures born in space and time.

“Free will is not a trap set by a capricious God to make His children falter. It is instead the way in which our Father empowers His children, allowing them to choose for themselves what our Father knows is best, adapting in a better way and with sincere interest to the discipline of the universes — adopting the attitude of always searching for perfection and for a higher and more beautiful expression of being.

“It is by constantly choosing the path suggested by your Father that you start to understand Him better and discover the reasons why the universe works the way it does. This represents the highest knowledge to which any being can aspire — an increasing knowledge of deity. Through exercising your will, you collaborate with your Father creating yourself into a newly perfected being, achieving the rewards of eternity.”

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