Fatal Diseases

Chicago, US of A, April 22, 2017.
Teacher: Secondary Midwayer, Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8).
Subject: “Fatal Diseases.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Dr. Mendoza: “You may say that any disease which causes someone’s death would be a fatal disease. However, there are diseases that are absolutely fatal when contracted by any person. Some of these diseases are rather vicious and sometimes they can cause death within a matter of days. Others may take longer; months, even several years. What to do when you have a fatal disease, knowing your time is certain and near? Since you can’t change the outcome, it’s clear you must focus on your remaining time and make the best of what you have left. How to prepare yourself?

“Prepare for your Physical Departure. When you think about death, you also should contemplate the fact that you will no longer be in this world. Your physical life will end and your body will be removed from among the living and put to rest. Therefore, if there is something material that is important, it must be taken care of sooner, rather than later. It’s time to care about last wishes, a testament, your funeral arrangements and things that pertain to your very departure from Urantia. If you are wealthy or well-to-do, be fair with family members and relatives, but also leave resources to charity and the poor.

“Prepare for your Mental Disengagement. Conscience is built in your mind by your personality. Mental life is processed in your brain, but it comes from a mindal platform that is shared by our Mother Spirit with all Her living creatures in Nebadon. When your brain stops, so too is your mind disengaged from this platform and next comes a mental obliviousness. However, the details of your identity are safe-guarded by your guardian seraphim and your memories are in trust with your Adjuster, both of which will be presented for your reassembly — your resurrection on the Mansion Worlds. You will stop thinking, feeling, dreaming or willing.

“Prepare for your Spiritual Destiny. This is the most important task, because it is about your spiritual survival. Spiritual survival depends on genuine faith, but even if you always were an agnostic, spiritual advancement is still possible. Three are the possibilities: one, you have taken final decision towards the Father and His will; two, you don’t know; or, three, you have consciously rejected the Father and His will. If one, you are fine; if two, this is risky, but there is still time to make sure; if three, also there’s still time for you to make sure that non-survival is what you really want.

“Therefore, my friend, fatal diseases bring definite final challenges concerning your physical, mental and spiritual life. Make your physical departure the easiest for people around you. Prepare yourself for the cessation of conscience — at least for a period of time. The most important is to be certain of what will be the destiny of your soul. Don’t be troubled as there is no Hell or eternal damnation; it is survival with God, or no survival at all — eternal oblivion, as if you never existed. Fortunately, only a very small minority chooses non-survival.

“I am Doctor Mendoza, your Secondary Midwayer friend, checking on your health at various times.”

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