A Long-Range View and a Warning

Urantia, June 27, 2017 (from Aug, 2011).
Teachers: A Mentori Group.
Subject: “A Long-Range View and a Warning.”

Message received by Lytske.

Mentor: “We, from our celestial heights of unbelievable distances, see a tiny planet gasping for life’s breath, as it labors under many negative thoughts and actions.

“We desire to advise you of what it is that you as individuals can do to bring good health to the planet.

“Therefore a wake-up call is in order for you to become conscious of what it is that you can do to help yourselves, for God helps those who help themselves. As a result, a beneficial chain of events can be set in motion.

“Think of yourself as minuscule little planets. Know that you have God’s spiritual life-sustaining energy in the form of oxygen you’re your life-blood flowing through your system. You have a nervous system with all the delicate cellular and glandular influences and self-healing capabilities.

“Therefore, you do have in you the capacity to heal yourselves, as all cells despite aging, retain a wonderful memory for self-healing. However, this they can do only when you, as the master of your body and mind, use positive and helpful thoughts and actions. And you support the body with a healthful nutrition and lifestyle. You can literally heal yourself when you put your mind to it.

“Now let us take a long range view. Your wonderful and beautiful garden planet also has this capability to restore itself, but right now from our point in space, she does not look too healthy. We do keep a close eye on her but we are astounded, that so many mortals living upon her inflict so much sorrow and grief. They gauge, rape and pillage her with total disrespect, not even realizing that her many human species are all supposed to be the caretakers of this garden planet in space. Urantia is on loan to all humans, individuals having responsibility as keepers. You do not own the planet, the Creator does.

“Think about the planet’s nervous system and her life-blood how that is being poisoned. Even the air and water are at risk through the thoughtless actions of you unawakened humans. You do not even realize that there will come a time of reckoning for whatever is being done to her.

“This time of reckoning comes for everyone, and for some it will not be easy as eternity is forever. All have to atone for the way they have lived their life on earth. In this manner, you literally have your potential oblivion in your own hands.

“Think instead of how you can become better caretakers and help clean up the congestion in the planet’s nervous system and blood-stream by being more thoughtful and positive. This will have a most beneficial influence on your own ‘miniature’ bodies as well.

“Do become aware of this planet being of special interest and having a unique place in our universe, since it earned the dubious title of being the world of the cross. The rulers of the Sanhedrin had an innocent Son of God nailed to a wooden cross without due course of law. His only ‘sin’ was that he proclaimed the love of God and showed them how to live the Father’s will. He was and remains an example of being a most merciful Ruler of His own universe.”

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