Unintended Encounters with Malice

Chicago, US of A, April 17, 2017.
Teacher: Primary Midwayer Andrea.
Subject: “Unintended Encounters with Malice.”

Andrea: “Imagine you are in a bank to make a deposit and while you are in line, robbers enter the place and you end up being a hostage in their hands, having your life threatened if they don’t get what they want. Let us call such incidents ‘Unintended Encounters with Malice.’ Malice is the intent to do evil to others. Malice is the origin of sin and the driving force of iniquity. Why do such situations happen to innocent people? Is it fate? Is it karma? The rationale behind it can’t explain it all, but it helps you to understand. Consider these three elements in encountering malice . . .

“Chance. Chance is the possibility of something happening. As the saying goes, ‘Anything is possible.’ Chance deals with the potentiality of events. They become facts when they enter reality. The possibilities for chances are indeed numerous. To avoid chance to happen it is necessary to think ahead, preventively, but it’s almost impossible to cover all possibilities. Instead, there are two more efficient ways to prevent bad chance from happening. First, seek for and stay on the will of God; second, be sensitive to the small voice of Spirit Within you. He/She knows the potentials and may guide you to avoid them.

“Exposure. Sometimes you unintentionally cross the path of malice, exposing yourself to its agents. You may expose yourself to evildoers’ malice because you fail to exercise caution. Caution says that certain people, places and occasions need to be avoided since they increase your exposure to acts of malice. However, exposure to malice may also happen by your trying to help people where malice may be present. In these cases, pray like Jesus in the Lord’s Prayer: ‘And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.’ God may help you from falling into the evildoer’s temptation by releasing you from evil.

“Deception. Finally, sometimes malice starts in the form of deception, and sets a trap so the innocent falls into it. When deception is present, malice is already active. Trickery is ancient, but nowadays many types of con-men with refined kinds of fraud abound to harm innocent people. These evildoers play with people’s naivety, greed, and mental deficiency. In deception, malice is hidden until the damage is done, then, on many occasions it is too late. Eve fell for Caligastia’s deception. The best protection about trickery deception is good sense. If something is too good to be true, it generally is.

“Thus, my friend, it is not easy to understand why innocent people so often fall victim to the malice of the evildoer. The instances here mentioned are attempts to explain it, but additional questions may remain: Is it fair? Is it just? Fairness and justice from an evolutionary perspective are always relative. To experience evil is never a pleasant experience, but it is, without doubt, always a learning situation. Even when evil terminates your life in this world, your faith in soul survival will have the last laugh. The day will come when you will better understand this. I am Andrea, your Primary Midwayer friend.”

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