About Love and Forgiveness

Oregon, US of A, July 13, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Love and Forgiveness.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “You are indebted in innumerable ways to your Heavenly Father. Indeed, until such time as you mature sufficiently to develop the heartfelt desire to give back, you are at the receiving end of His Unconditional Love.

“Human beings tend to keep track of what they give and what they receive. Your Heavenly Father does not function that way. He gives — eternally, infinitely, and universally — never holding back. He does not keep lists of who is good and who is bad. His all-encompassing embrace only wishes to hold close to His Heart each one of His creatures.

“What about you? Do you withdraw the affection you feel toward others as soon as your heart or your ego is bruised? Do you declare them unworthy of your attention? How remote from Godlikeness is such an attitude! Do you live by the historical misguided rule of ‘an eye for an eye’? Or do you strive to practice forgiveness — a great opportunity to keep ‘giving’ to those who offend or misunderstand you?

“Indeed, the way to Godlikeness includes forgiveness. There is no detouring or bypassing it. From this perspective, welcome these blessed opportunities to increasingly mold your heart into the shape of Jesus’ heart!

“Isn’t it a wonderful way to deflate personal hurts and to turn them into renewed opportunities for gratitude? Thank you, God, for the greater good that will be birthed out of them for all the involved parties. Thank you for the personal growth and thank you for helping me find my place in the web of love — the connections that are woven, a little bit at a time, in beautifully intricate lacy patterns. Indeed, if your gifts fall on deaf ears and closed hearts, you can always ‘for-give’, thus preventing a total blackout of the love connection, thus remaining in My Love and My Light!”

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