What Troubles You So?

Illawarra District, Australia, August 29, 2017.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “What Troubles You So?”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “There is not much I can do for you if you constantly put off approaching me. As well, if you do approach me, you need to have in mind precisely what it is that you are objecting about. So, how can I help you?”

George: “In years past I have been able to deal with the most aggressive of elementals and thought forms, calming them down and sending them on their way. These days, my behavior could be seen as unacceptable and even callous. Who am I hurting?”

The Scribe: “You are not hurting anyone, not hurting yourself, I assure you. You are dealing with thought forms that have by and large decided or been made to decide that their issue will soon be resolved. Has it been resolved? No! Not quite yet, but you are aiding their last ‘jump’ into oblivion, their disappearance into nothingness because, you see, it is difficult for them to decide when to arrive at their ending as they lack any degree of time consciousness.

“For countless millennia, again and again, the Midwayers have taken care of the borderland imbalances for the planetary Deity Supreme, Urantia. However, now in the Correcting Time it is a task for humans since some of you are advanced enough to make a success of it. As a work team you have acquired the needed skills to perhaps ‘see through’ another round of the same, but if not you, others will oblige.

“I say, generally there is little known about the borderland. You yourself have often enough stepped back from learning much about it, claiming you have no business going back there. That was mostly correct. Still, the borderland entities are of human emotional origin and therefore certainly of your species’ concern.”

(Here I was interrupted for the longest time and I finally put this part transmission aside.)

The Scribe: (the next day) “When we communicate about those occupying the borderland we point out they are those who await resolution, but rather dissolution, and I inform you the acid vat was placed in your AC (Akashic Construct workroom) some years ago for you to finally dissolve those whom you had freed.

“Do not ascribe to the notion that the borderland lastingly contains any souls, human or those of any other possible species. It is feasible for some to visit there as you once experienced, but lengthy stays are not possible. You are deserving of our grateful recognition for the way you discourage those (dark) humans that coerce the borderland occupants to trouble your friends. If there is nothing else?

“Always count on Me for the answers you need. I Am the Damascus Scribe.”

Receiver’s note: Some years ago when I needed to dispose of a huge attachment that had been stuck to a friend’s back, a vat full of acid appeared in my Akashic Construct workroom. I didn’t ask for it then, but it’s still there now.

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