About Perception and Decision

Alabama, US of A, November 6, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Perception and Decision.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Both the wisdom and the capacity to look into the hearts of your brothers and sisters in this world is a grace only acquired by those who truly love their peers. Michael as a human being had the ability to perceive the intent in the hearts of the people He met on His Path. Sometimes the Master had some prescient knowledge about a situation, but most times He simply felt the intent behind the actions or the words of people.

“Have you not felt this before in your own life? Sometimes you are able to perceive the occasions when a soul is really looking for guidance. You have done this when you honestly try to answer the questions someone ask you, or when you observe the suffering in the life of a loved one. In truth, the human soul can be sensitive to other souls. It is very easy for you to perceive the desires of your peers and this is one of the things that make you human and different from all other species in this sphere.

“The problem is not so much perception but decision. Very few among you, having observed the suffering and the hopelessness in the souls of their peers, dare to do something about it. Once you start your spiritual awakening your Divine Presence starts to make your soul more sensitive for the loving service toward your peers. This is the origin of those impulses to alleviate the suffering and promote the happiness of those who suffer in darkness.

“Open you heart and forget your prejudices. Let your intent be just an instrument of your Father and your inspiration come only from unconditional love. Thus you will be better prepared to be a tool in the hands of God and be an expression of His will to your peers, bringing light to wherever it is needed and raising the hearts of your siblings to the heights of a closer relationship with the Creator. This is how you become a light worker, by letting your life be a way to bring more souls to the Kingdom.”

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