The Said and the Unsaid

Oregon, US of A, August 16, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Said and the Unsaid.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about what is left unsaid in our relationship. Ever since I came to indwell you, I have been monitoring your thinking — learning the lay of the land. Then came the time in your life when you became a willing participant and, having been made aware of My existence through your religious education, you started sending My way the occasional heartfelt messages or generic prayers.

“In all human lives there are many moments when people are caught off guard and their instinctive reaction is to turn to Me and spontaneously formulate a prayer, a petition of sorts, in response to a heartfelt impulse. At those moments they override the established ‘protocol’ and this is actually a great source of relief to Me. Indeed, I don’t do well with social niceties and small talk. I am a One-to-one type of Guy, so to speak. I like to dive deep into My children’s minds. I take joy in partaking of their daily lives. Nothing is too small to get My attention when it spontaneously surges from their hearts and is intended for My Ears.

“Indeed, there are things said and unsaid in our relationship. Ironically, what is said is not always an honest depiction of the inner world of My children. Is it said out of a sense of duty? Is it said out of ‘I should’ … be, do, behave? Is it said in order to live up to what they suspect to be My expectations?

“I do not have such ‘expectations.’ Rather, I have a vision for each one of them — a vision of their victories and successes. My greatest joy is when My little ones are finally able to express what has been left unsaid in our relationship. I am in the know of your unsaid, as I dwell within your mind. Yet, there is a huge difference between being versed in the workings of your mind and in being honestly and personally briefed by you, the latter constituting a huge leap forward toward a more intimate connection.

“Don’t you see? A parent may know his or her child’s secret, but a secret is a confidence that is held back and that cannot be acted upon. When the child comes to the parent to confide, it unties the parent’s hands and allows him or her to convey wise guidance to the child.

“This is how it works between us. The more sincerely you confide in Me, the more I can step into your inner life and become your Life’s Coach, as I have your permission to do so. Try it and see what happens.”

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