Endeavors of Eternal Value

Alabama, US of A, November 7, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Endeavors of Eternal Value.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Our Father is not an arbitrary judge who enjoys depriving His children of their pleasures and comforts. It is perfectly fine for mortals to enjoy the things that are truly good in their material life, as long as this doesn’t become a vice or a distraction from the endeavors of eternal value of a human life.

“Those who wanted to be emissaries for the Kingdom during the time of the Master had to make this job the main endeavor in their lives. This was the beginning of the spreading of higher truth in this world and it was required to have workers completely committed to the expansion of the kingdom. Today, this kind of workers are still needed, however this should not become an excuse to abandon all responsibilities.

“It is not expected of a mortal to abandon his or her children to go preach about the kingdom in some distant land. Our Father has placed human parents in charge of that great treasure that is the lives of their little ones and this is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. This makes totally false the assumption that the work for the kingdom is limited to males, because they traditionally are not as involved in the tasks of domestic life. Both men and women are called to the endeavor of raising a family and raise children that will become universal citizens. Both men and women are called to grow in spirit, to awaken to the realities of eternity and to carry the flame of divine light to the darkest corners of this world.

“Do not let fear be the only obstacle preventing you from entering the kingdom of God. The expectation of losing something material should never be the reason that stops you from giving it your all in order to achieve perfection and attain eternal life. The treasures of this world pale before the treasures of eternity and a life lived in increasingly complete consecration to the will of the Father is the greatest treasure you can carry with you into eternity. How trivial material riches end up being to the eyes of those who have awakened and experienced the mysteries and wonders of creation! It is not required of you to renounce all riches. Instead, it is expected that you aspire to higher, more gratifying and more lasting riches, in the life of service that awaits those who choose to follow the path to perfection.”

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