The Stumbling Block of Unforgiveness

Oregon, US of A, August 23, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Stumbling Block of Unforgiveness.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about Unforgiveness. Indeed, the inability to forgive needs to be addressed, as it is the biggest stumbling block in the planetary evolution toward Light and Life. Many on this planet tend to take offense about anything and everything. In a way, they act as if they were the center of the world and everything revolved around them. They display a chronic victim mentality and such an attitude robs them from the joys and positive experiences that life holds in store for everyone.

“Surely, you are connected to the past in many ways. Yet, the past is the past and it abounds in many constructive lessons. In the course of history, humankind had to plow a difficult and painful way toward self-realization — individual, societal, and worldwide. This came at a price. Freedom comes at a price — a pricey ransom that has to be paid to demonstrate how much freedom is treasured.

“Dear ones, do not keep historical grudges alive! Do not revive them! Move on! The inability to do so and the constant refueling of the ‘flame of grudges’ is what prevents you from cutting loose from the chains of the past to live fully and productively in the present.

“Jesus was too busy doing good to take personal offense. He never exhibited a victim mentality. He only spoke up on behalf of His Heavenly Father or those He witnessed as being unfairly treated. He then assigned Himself the task of correcting such wrongdoings — not with lengthy dissertations but with penetrating actions. ‘Whoever is sinless cast the first stone.’ THIS is what you should remember.

“Love and Respect need to be restored in your world. They need to join forces to stage a powerful coup to topple the ugly dictatorships of hate, grudges, and resentment. Indeed, such dark emotions dictate unbecoming behaviors that will never foster peace, inner joy, and fulfillment, as they are estranged from gratitude.

“Stop partaking in misguided witch hunts! It is destructive at so many levels and a mismanagement of precious energies. Rather, promote enduring values — not the lack thereof. By doing so, they will become part of you. This is the best way to drown the voices of discontent and to gain self-respect.”

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