Two Fundamental Attitudes

Alabama, US of A, November 14, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Two Fundamental Attitudes.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The flow of spiritual influences is a constant upon human lives. It is the attitude of a human being that is a factor in determining how much of this influence can be manifested in his or her life. Everything that can be provided for you to live the best possible life in the eyes of your Father is given without reservation. It is up to you to choose how to make use of these treasures and — through your desire to live the will of your Father — take possession of everything you need to achieve this goal.

“The limits of your spiritual perception are determined by two fundamental attitudes of human beings: the desire to be better and the mental flexibility to transcend stagnant beliefs and indoctrination. When a person has a true desire to be better and make the effort to achieve mastery in becoming the creator of her own destiny, a receptive mental state is promoted. These mortals soon learn from their mistakes and accept the difficulties of life as lessons that will help them be better.

“However, if spiritual growth is based solely upon this first attitude there will always be a limit to the possible spiritual development that can be achieved by a person. If the desire to be better is accompanied by a tendency to yield to traditions, dogma and to express little mental flexibility, the soul will be constricted under the weight of partial and dead truths. Many in this world have achieved the maximum level of spiritual development that can be achieved within the limits of human religion and today they remain stagnant and tied to their traditions and beliefs.

“Those who are capable of moving beyond what they think is certain and can surrender to the evidence provided by their spiritual experiences, are better equipped to continue on their path of spiritual growth. These are the ones who after belonging to an institutional religion start questioning its dogma and decide to continue on their own journey of spiritual exploration. This is not some simple thing, because it often means for them to break ties with others who accept their peers only if they think the same way.

“To these explorers of spirit I say: do not be discouraged by the apparent loneliness in which you find yourself when you leave those human institutions behind in order to establish divine relationships of eternal value. Your partners of old will join you again later, if they decide to continue to explore once the truths about our Father have awakened them. Your time on this world is but a blink in the eye of eternity. Your apparent isolation is temporal and quite short, because the truth is finding its way on this planet and our Father is constantly knocking on the doors of all honest hearts, providing abundant opportunities to enter the kingdom by all honest souls who search for a higher path.”

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