God’s Love and Christ’s Love Are a Given

Oregon, US of A, September 14, 2017.
Teacher: Jesus/Christ Michael.
Subject: “God’s Love and Christ’s Love Are a Given.”

Message received by Anyas.

Christ Michael: “Nobody comes to the Father but through Me. Why is this so? What does it mean? It is time for My earthly children to be introduced to the next level of understanding about spiritual growth. It is time for them to understand what Christ Consciousness actually means.

“I am in the Father and the Father is in Me.” This is godlikeness. This is Oneness at the ultimate level of one’s being. This is the affirmation that each creature will someday truthfully express, as they will have reached this state of being-ness within themselves.

“To be godlike means to ALWAYS come from a place of Love and it encompasses all its attributes: empathy, compassion, and forgiveness. Whoever loves with all his heart and soul does not allow anything to taint or dilute the quality of such an unconditional Love. It is untouchable; it is unwavering; it has become who you are.

“This is also the only way to reach a state of full-blown peace, so to speak. Whenever Love is the nuts and bolts of your entire being, you are devoid of any conflict, inner discordance, and disharmony. You are AT PEACE within yourself. You are like a serene and placid lake that only reflects beauty.

“Dear ones, at this stage of your life, you may have to process this information intellectually at first, as it will take you to a higher understanding and your mind can be the gateway to your heart whenever your heart cannot as yet integrate this truth.

“Eventually, the Christ Consciousness will move into your feelings and will no longer have to be intellectually analyzed or processed. Every thought and every action will come from the impulses of your open heart. No longer will you have to be on guard, as your whole being will be godlike. No longer will you be subjected to the mood fluctuations you are experiencing at this time due to your spiritual immaturity. God’s Love and Christ’s Love are immune to the imperfections of the world. They are never used as bargaining chips. They are a given.”

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