Collective Karma and not Revelation (Part 2)

Illawarra District, Australia, December 6, 2017.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “Collective Karma and not Revelation.”
                 plus “True Revelation.” (Part 2).

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “We are all back here, I see. My greetings to you all. Your text (the Urantia Papers), notes that you will have additional senses once you arrive on the Mansion Worlds and perhaps more senses thereafter still, beyond Mansonia. Your text reports that once you are ‘shipped off’ to Paradise and should you there meet One Without Name, Without Number, you will instantly know all about Him or Her. This is indicative of your having been gifted untold new paradise senses. What these senses are is hardly very clear to you now, but they included psychic mindal exchanges.

“Meanwhile, whilst you might be chomping at the bit to get off this planet, you must be quite content with the very same senses as are all your worldly brothers and sisters, right?

“Wrong! Your many years of solving quite difficult cases for many a troubled patient with the help of midwayers, and likewise for many near-bankrupt business owners, did award you with visions of faraway places, as well as loud instructions from your Celestial Co-workers. However, like many others who doubt they can see what we show you, you doubted for years that you could adequately hear the ‘soft-spoken’ Teachers’ lessons. And it is one of your recent visions that will give you an inkling of an additional capacity, a talent, long ago awarded to you.

“You are making lots of quick trips halfway around the world to slow down the dark practitioners that are giving other members of 11:11 Progress a difficult time. Each time there were six practitioners, but 8 chairs for them to sit on — 2 empty chairs. Then, suddenly, there are 2 ‘devils’ sitting on the empty chairs, some 7’6” tall and grey in color. But you know that these 2 thought-forms of the six dark witches no longer exist, if ever they did and so they are now white skeletons, every time, every visit . . . they’re frozen and can’t move an inch.

“You corrected others’ thought-forms. Each time the six practitioners will now ask for their ‘devils’ to assist them their minds will glimpse their white skeletons.

“What I’m telling you here is that you earned and were given the ability to both project to another’s mind and discern from another’s mind accurate details of memories of places, faces and projects with some limits, certainly, but by sometimes altering their thought-forms.

“This ‘war of the minds’ won’t quickly be everyone’s ability on the Mansion Worlds but here it is presently noted as true revelation. Yes, right now, for it was known to be needed.

“I Am the Damascus Scribe. Fare ye well.”

Receiver’s Note: Many years ago I moved a huge pot plant into my Akashic Workshop. I left it standing near the door. I would later find the right place for it. Then I forgot about it. As it was, I did not return to my workshop for many months, but when I finally did, I asked the Midwayer there why he had left the big pot plant in so awkward a place. ‘You did!’ he answered. Indeed, I now remembered that huge pot plant ‘thought-form’ just as it was, surprisingly, never watered, still fresh and green.

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