See Yourselves as the Lucky Ones

Illawarra District, Australia, July 20, 2018.
Teacher: Celestial Engineer, Isaac.
Subject: “See Yourselves as the Lucky Ones.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Isaac: “I’m so close to you now, I could bite you.”

George: “Oh, hello Isaac! So good to see you! Are you here with Xsamuel’s crew? It’s been a long time since I saw you or heard anything from you for the Progress Lists . . . a long time at least.”

Isaac: “The crews at work on the former rebellious planets are like yesterday’s babies compared to us Celestial Engineers. We hail from near the days when the local universe first required circuits to be anchored. In other words, my friend, we became aware of ourselves as sentient, knowledgeable eventuated beings at the time there was slightly more than just Jerusem in the universe of Nebadon. Not before and at that time our tally was complete and our numbers are undiminished, should you wonder as you inevitably will. As soon as the first ‘island in space’ became organized, we set to our task as every living thing on a planet needs to be connected by suitable permanent threads, invisible circuits that bring direction, meaning and purpose to all individual species.

“Here we are, still, for yet ages untold we will do this work and keep our minds focused on Paradise where we will eventually arrive to mature, to grow and, who knows, travel with you to the outer universes and work with you. We will, indeed. We will also have to fuse in some way to simply exist on Paradise, but before then, just like Morontia Companions, we will have our personalities, brains, minds and memories made safe and our expertise kept intact, yet our bodies renewed. Yes, this happens thousands of times from the birth, to the growth and until the blossoming of our universe.

“Think of how long we will be in service to Michael before we will enjoy the classroom environment of Paradise — untold millennia — whilst I keep waving my arms about untying twisted-up circuitry like a creature no longer able to cope with change.”

George (asking questions about the planet discussed during one of Isaac’s earlier (2014) visits --- see

Isaac: “Regrettably, Humans have little consideration about what in reality is time and I say this to you because some 4 years ago is hardly any time at all. Should I have my doubts about the local flora surviving there, I would have been back to check. I don’t check on regularly tested projects. Have faith, my friends. One short terrestrial life and you are on your way to perfection, fusion and Paradise. See yourselves as the lucky ones.

“I am Isaac, one of God’s celestial engineers and I still love your many beaches.”

Receiver’s note: I met up with Isaac in the US. I was surprised to meet with him again in Australia on a beach of all places and in blazing sunlight. Isaac installs circuitry on developing planets considered suitable for future human life. He works for days, weeks on end, no breaks at all, then he goes on ‘vacation’ to re-energize, often, but not always on Urantia.

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