Overcome Your Personal Origin

Alabama, US of A, February 4, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Overcome Your Personal Origin.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “When each one of you opens him- or herself to spirit and starts to consciously live the will of the Father, another communication channel connecting your world with the spiritual currents of creation is opened. It is you who are actively ending the isolation to which this world was subjected. Once the rebellion was adjudicated, the spiritual channels started to open slowly, but the most important channels are yourselves, the men and women of Urantia.

“The presence of the Father on a planet becomes more real in the function of the level of actualization of the Supreme Being on such a planet. Similarly, the presence of the Father in a system depends on the degree to which each inhabited world in that system has achieved Supremacy. When one sphere threathens to become an obstacle for this achievement, it is quarantined as a preventive measure to avoid other worlds that honestly struggle for perfection from seeing their efforts frustrated by the ignorance of a minority.

“This does not ever imply discrimination or the abandonment of the less fortunate to their own luck. It is instead a manifestation of universal justice, that prevents that the righteous pay for the mistakes of those who still dwell in confusion and ignorance. However, sooner or later, divine compassion — the love of the Father in action — prevails and the process of reparation starts for those isolated worlds, because the will of the Father is to not lose any of His children, making sure that all enjoy the same opportunities to find their own path to perfection.

“This is what is happening at this time on your world. The order has been given that those who search shall find, to the full satisfaction of their souls. Each human heart that opens to God is a safety line extending to heaven. Each one of you represents one more means for the expression of the divine goodness in this world. For this reason, once Urantia finally reaches the age of light and life, it will forever be a collective achievement that will be credited to each and every one of the living souls that struggled in this world to overcome their personal origin and bring light to their siblings.”

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