This is How Human Beings Will Be Lifted High

Alabama, US of A, February 18, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “This is How Human Beings Will Be Lifted High.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “If you align yourself with the Divine Will, all your life’s efforts will be for the greater benefit of the entire creation. This consecration of your will to the Will of the Father also becomes the source of your greatest satisfaction and spiritual growth. Those who orient their lives toward this sublime goal will start to reap the fruits of the spirit, which will turn into selfless service to humanity, to each and every one of your brothers and sisters in the flesh.

“Service strenghtens the muscle of love and opens the door to higher understanding regarding the love of the Father. Those who want to understand the mind of God and get increasingly closer to divinity and perfection, should strive to turn the love in their hearts into action — to practice what is preached — and thus their souls and their spirit become better prepared to receive deeper revelations of the love of God and the reality of spirit.

“Service is not just a means to obtain spiritual enlightment. When service is done with the hope of getting something in return, its usefulness is pretty much nil. It is possible that a few mortals may get a benefit from the help provided, but for the person who performs the service, it will be seen as a sacrifice and a task to accomplish and will not bring him or her any satisfaction or happiness.

“True service should be a consequence of the love that starts to overflow the hearts of those who search for the Father and have started to sincerely worship Him — to search for a way to be more like how they imagine the Father to be. In this way, service is transformed into a source of constant joy and an elixir that aleviates the efforts of daily life. A person learns in this way to approach her peers perceiving the divine presence that all carry within. This is how the path of spiritual growth opens to the eyes of those who have discovered God in their siblings and in themselves. This is how human beings will be lifted high from the mud of the material world to he heights of divinity in the consciousness of the enlightened mortals of this sphere.”

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