Plug into the Greater Mental Network

Oregon, US of A, August 22, 2018.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Plug into the Greater Mental Network.”

Message received by Anyas.

Teacher: “As you settle in the Stillness and ask for higher guidance, the thought comes to your mind that, no matter how remote we may seem to be from you in cosmic measurements, we have a common mind. This is the reason why, thanks to the amazingly complex spiritual network, you enjoy an instant connection with the wisdom of higher realms — as long as your spiritual antenna is turned in the right direction. This is what is occurring right now. Even though you had no clue as to today’s topic, your fingers are running all over the keyboard, in sync with the mental dictation that your mind is taking.

“Isn’t it an amazing resource? And, yet, it is sadly ignored by many and greatly underutilized. On your world, getting expert advice involves frequently a costly monetary transaction, unfairly denied to the financially underprivileged. In higher realms, everything occurs on the basis of benevolence — the selfless quality of altruism.

“In His Infinite Benevolence, your Heavenly Father populated His far-stretched-out creation with myriads of like-hearted creatures. You too, sooner or later, are meant to be a full-fledged member of such a caring congregation, once you have come to recognize that such an association benefits all and that, rather than losing yourself in the process, you are finding yourself.

“From this, you can gather that there is, indeed, ‘much joy in Heaven’ — associated with being in harmony with the Divine Intention for all existence.

“Dear ones, get in touch with such a heightened consciousness. You can at all times plug your mind into this greater mental network, thus benefiting from its reliable data. What are you waiting for? Once you start noticing how it positively expand your own mind, you will no longer do without it. Rather, you will become a wonderful beneficiary and mouthpiece for the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness that govern such a Great Mind.”

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