A Left-behind World

A Left-behind World
From the desk of George Barnard – 10/07/2019.

There was a time, now almost 50 years ago, when I had my young family living on a 5-acre farm and I was the owner of a growing printing and photographics business. In the suburbs surrounding our new factory there were few people that were skilled at the work our small team produced. Our newbies occasionally made a mess of things and after a time I learned to keep my cool about this. “Things are meant to go wrong here,” I used to say. “This world is the rubbish bin of the universe.”

Soon, if anything went wrong on the farm, I would tell the children (and in a dead-pan voice) that things were meant to go wrong on this planet. Kids love fun, even weird fun, Celestials were not impressed and it seemed they knew more about my future than did I. When Michael more recently claimed: “We taught you all those things,” it became clear that I was steered toward the things I now do. It had become urgent that I stopped joking about our planet being the universe’s rubbish bin.

In the early 1970’s I asked the Midwayers about Betty and Barney Hill and their ‘alien abduction’. Did they get operated on and for what purpose? It was shortly after when I landed on a planet bereft of vegetation but there was a building of heavy steel beams and glass and at least three levels. I had landed on the ground floor where a moving belt transported to a refridgerated basement human bodies from the slaughterhouse above. They were black, like Barney, organs removed and stitched back up.

I did not linger in that place and I used the saying, “This earth is the rubbish bin of the universe,” less often. Much less often!

Recently when listening to the Damascus Scribe I was informed that the world of canibals described above is unlikely to survive. I’m rather certain that this world is mentioned in the Urantia Book as one that is worst off than our planet. It’s conjecture, a safe supposition, I think, but I don’t rightly know this.

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