Let Come to Me the Little Children

São Carlos – SP-, Brazil, July 15, 2019.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “Let Come to Me the Little Children.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Teacher Prolotheos: “Being a child is a necessary and important period in the development of a human being. However, it is transitory. It is not meant to stay; if a person seems to indefinitely remain a child as the years pass, you know that something is wrong. The first and most important connection of a child when it comes into the world is with its parents. In fact, adulthood entitles human beings to bear children and that may become an important factor in the very parents’ own development towards maturity. Still, God-conscious parents know that a child is given to them, and that, before it being theirs, it is a child of God. To parents and to society were given the privilege of co-operating with God’s raising of a member of God’s family, the Kingdom of God. To do this well, parents and society must pay attention to three important characteristics of human beings while they are children:

Be Aware of Their Fragility
“A child comes into this world in a state of complete dependency. Except for its physiological functions, a child cannot do anything for or by itself. It’s necessary that everything will be provided for a child. The parents and society are the providers, the former the primary ones, the latter being the secondary ones. Besides this utter dependency, a child is also fragile in the sense that it is weak. Its physical structure is small, tender, and fragile. If not protected and properly cared for, may be hurt, suffer, and even die. Because of this acute fragility, a child may suffer abuse by the hands of others, adults or not, and that is why it is the conjoint responsibility of parents and state (society) to protect the child as long it remains a child.

Be Aware of Their Naivety
“In fact, a child cannot even express naivety until its intellect is developed enough to form personal reasoning. Mainly from lack of experience and by having an unsuspicious mind a child is naturally naive and so greatly exposed to be deceived and harmed in many ways. Parents must educate their children, training them to recognize proposals that may harm them. Adults, in general, must respect a child’s innocence. The state must create and enforce laws that protect and prevent children from being taken advantage of, of their innocence and lack of experience. If all this can be done without making them lose their purity towards life, civilization will become a little better in turn.

Be Aware of Their Potentiality
“All normal children are a tremendous reservoir of potentials. Children are encapsulated promises of life, achievements, and realizations that have a direct impact on the progress of your world. You should never see a child for what it is as a child, but what it promises to be in the future as an adult. That, its future, will mostly depend on you, the adults of nowadays that are responsible for giving the children good conditions to develop the maximum of their rich potentials. Think of children as potentials, not only about what they can become here in their lives on Urantia, but also think of what they are destined to become on the worlds on High, where they have celestial and divine careers to follow with God. You, adults, are enlisted cooperators in helping them start on the divine path.

“Therefore, my pupil, adults should consider children very carefully. It’s a privilege to participate in their development. Theirs is a short period in life, but a very crucial one in which each of you makes a great difference. Not only let the children come to the Master, but bring the children to the Master! I am Prolotheos, your teacher and tutor on High. Peace!”

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