Not a Life of Ease

Urantia, July 21, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Not a Life of Ease.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “The will of God is the path onto which I endeavor to lead you, for it will create gladness in your heart since you feel the beginning of a growing connection between us.

“The will of God is the growing consciousness of My guidance within you. When your awareness of Me increases to the point where I am in your daily events and planning, then you will have entered upon life everlasting which can truly be had in the mortal estate.

“Why wait until you are so old in your mortal years that you cannot enjoy the awareness of My presence growing inside you — the absolute knowing that I live within?

“Life will become so much easier when you attain this surety within yourself. Disappointments will be easier to overcome, and the stresses of material life will lessen, all because you know that you are not a cosmic accident or orphan.

“This I endeavor to teach you, so that we as partners can work in greater consciousness and with full cooperation on your part, to develop your eternal counterpart of the divine plan and blueprint.

“All mortals, who start to think a little deeper each day, rather than for them to exist on the material level only, will discover My hidden treasures within their selves.

“I do not promise a life of ease. However, it will be a journey that teaches steadfastness, determination, courage, honesty, sincerity, mercy, goodness, and so much more.

“The unconditional love of the Creator for all His creatures will become actual and reciprocal in such a spirit-led life, and bit by tiny bit, you will start to realize how blessed you are with My presence within, to teach you all these things.

“I desire your cooperation, so I may with your permission teach you how to turn your hidden potentials into actuals, and ready you for an eternal life of service to the greater glory of the Creator.

“I am always awaiting your attention.”

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