Awaken the Adamic DNA

Illawarra District, Australia, August 7, 2019.
Teacher: Sananda (The Damascus Scribe).
Subject: “Awaken the Adamic DNA.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “I followed your thought processes for (during?) many weeks already but if you want this to go to the 11:11 Progress Lists for your group’s readers to approve it, and therewith get behind it as a request, you will need to elucidate on your lengthy and painful deliberations on this important matter.”

George: “OK. I need a moment to set this out. This comes in two bits. Firstly, recently, there are these identical twins and they both got their DNA checked — vastly different DNA print-outs — but these two are absolutely physically identical. They do have rather a solid ‘Viking’ (Adamic?) content to their DNA, like 15% and 18%.

“Secondly, and this goes back what I call ‘donkey’s’ ages’. A mother of two offspring (all three suffering from serious, incurable personality disorders that have been in their families for generations), was pregnant again. I asked for the DNA of the new baby to be corrected and this was not only promised to me, it was done! There was no sign of the troubling illness in the youngest of the three children — none whatever. That’s it.”

The Scribe: “I point out to you that you might call this process ‘Awakening the Adamic DNA’, yes, at least that small part of the Adamic bloodline you managed to inherit. Instead of taking out the deceased aspects, as with the lady’s youngest child, you want the likes of the Life Carriers or MNO-8 (Dr Mendoza) to enhance the Adamic portion of the inheritance. And for us all, at last, as you and many others have been promised, ‘Leave no stone unturned’.

“Should this potential, but enormously time-robbing process be adopted, which is not within My purview to predict, consider or even discuss with you, it would be noted in the celestial archives as having been thought of by both, yourself and some other mortals, as well as by numerous celestial planners on your behalves. However, with the promise of ‘no stone to be left unturned’, My limiting purview in celestial legislation is rather a moot point here, yes?.

“On that note I say to you to request from Me whatever else you want while you are at it. Glad to be able to help. I Am Sananda, the Damascus Scribe.”

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