New Receivers – Part 3

Quebec, Canada, November 26, 2019.
Mighty Messenger/Teacher Charles.
Subject: “New Receivers” – Part 3.

Message received by Michel Levasseur.

Teacher Charles: “Hello my friends, I Am Charles and today we will continue training the new receivers.

“As we mentioned in our last message, it is easy to communicate with us and for the vast majority of you, the learning and progress in this learning will be happening quickly.

“Now let us look at some aspects of communication in more detail. Communication with Spirit is straightforward and is done in both directions, if I may say so, in the sense that we instantly receive your thoughts and you receive our thoughts. The simplest and easiest to master this communication, and to become familiar with this approach, is and remains practice.

Practice does not require a long communication session, at least not at the beginning of your learning, instead it requires short and repetitive sessions. A short session might look like the number of words contained in a paragraph of 6 to 10 lines.

“Once you begin to better control this form of communication, we will gradually increase the duration of transmissions. Remember that the progression can be more or less fast, depending on the individual who is on the way to becoming a receiver.

“Our patience and our love in your accompaniment are boundless and each of you will be accompanied in this learning process.

“For those who are still wondering whether communication is possible or not, you should know that the Reflectivity Circuit is always active and available at all times and that each of your request for a transmission is received and no one is ever forgotten.

“So, I summarize this message by telling you that you need to take the time to practice communicating with us and you will always be amazed and delighted by the kind of message we transmit to you, because Love and Joy animates us in each communication.

Goodbye, I’m Charles.

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