Illawarra District, Australia, April 6, 2012.
A Morontia-World Carer.
Subject: “Opposites Attract and More.”

Received by George Barnard.

Carer: “It is true that everybody needs somebody, and it is correct that even Morontia Companions, although they singly go about their business, do have an associate they can regularly bounce their ideas off. And here we see that opposites attract. You have in the past met up with a Companion who was rather shy. However, introverted or reserved would better serve his common character profile in your language of today. There is created an equal number of Companions that may be classed as aggressive by nature, whilst insistent, outgoing, even assertive might be their rather more merited label.

“From the shy Companions you will need to extract information by being insistent, and with the aggressive ones you will find that you will get your answers and more without ever having to ask. The character difference between the shy and aggressive ones of the Morontia Companions is considerable, whilst this is less so between the Cherubim and Sanobim pairs, or with your Destiny Guardians (Guardian Angels). Yes, also amongst humans, as opposites do attract, this is merely ‘one of the ways of the universe’. I am the Carer you previously spoke with.

“The attraction of opposites’ aspect is only part of my communication for today, the other part deals with information requested, in line with my occupation on Mansonia One, dealing with weaning your often traumatised Paradise pilgrims off their old, superfluous and inappropriate habits. For some whose lives were emotionally intertwined with household pets, it is worthwhile to know that you can definitely have pets on the Mansion Worlds and that they can even be created along the lines of the pets you knew very well on your terrestrial world.

“The Mansion Worlds are utterly benevolent, and so designed as to allow you to slowly get used to your eternal journey without your being thoughtlessly thrown from a high cliff into the deep of an entirely new reality. Such may be the way of the world in which the pilgrim was born, but such is not the way of the Mansion Worlds where a great deal of care is taken in bringing the all-round psyche into line with a useful eternal life in a superbly friendly and progressive universe.

“It is a pleasure for me to have once more been given the opportunity to speak with you about, literally, lifetimes of employ in a field so close to the task you once applied yourself to. I am a Carer. I say goodbye for now.”

George: “Thank you kindly.”

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