Considering the Preparedness

Illawarra District, Australia, December 11, 2019.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “Considering the Preparedness.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “We have given your subscriber’s request lengthy but adequate thought. We take into consideration that we have an acceptable method of explaining to you how we consider your world’s preparedness for the introduction of new revelation to be sufficient.

“Firstly, however, the Creator, Michael, His being a God, knew He would die on the cross. As a human, Jesus, and for the longest time, did not and could not know what awaited Him. Only toward the end did the Human/God, Creator/Man, understand His choice of departure from this world as being significant enough and of great impact together with his glorious resurrection to become an overall major plus for Him to ‘live on’ in the lives of His believers, His followers and many, many others.

“You, my student, might have decided that it was the wrong time for Michael to come to earth but although you can foresee, you don’t do this very well. No mortel does. What I am endeavoring to explain to you here is that there is a right time to trigger and aid a spiritual advance if we can foresee a positive result for our efforts. There would be no failure! The God/Man, Jesus has hardly been forgotten on this planet. To the contrary, His popularity has grown. There was one serious failure, however, and that deals with the indwelling Father Fragment. The most delightful news about the Thought Adjuster (TA) became lost.

“Always bear in mind that to those on High, time is not all that important. It’s only some 2000 years since your Creator walked this earth and in the meantime the knowledge of the TA has not been altogether lost. It was not altogether understood either and from ancient times the Creator of all was ‘an angry, jealous God’. What is more, many of the early priests thought themselves to be indwelt but not so the members of their congregations and that was often partly true. Thus common people were often seen more like the animals by the priests, who saw themselves more like royalty, sometimes above royalty.

“Since the indwelling Adjuster is the forgotten part of Michael’s message to you all, I charge you all, you 11:11 associated receivers to all do your best in spreading the word, like Jesus did, that the Father is all love and lives in all.

“I AM the Scribe of Damascus and so far I notice that I still own My town. Be blessed, be true. Good day.”

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