The Greatest Visible Sign

Urantia, August 15, 2020.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “The Greatest Visible Sign.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Let us mull over the word ‘understanding’. It is truly amazing to you when you once again read something and discover hidden beauty – something new that you did not notice before. This is so with any worthwhile inspirational text, as you will find that between readings your understanding has been enlarged. It is then, when hidden meanings become clearer, and usually, the simpler the message, the greater the meaning.

“This was the method by which your Master Jesus taught, and for the most part the deeper meanings of his words still remain hidden. He spoke in parables and it was up to the listeners of his day, to discover the true meaning of his words. It is the hope that the hidden nuggets of wisdom in his parables will be discovered with a greater understanding than has heretofore been permitted by the priesthood.

“As well, it is hoped that the true reason for his incarnation on this planet will finally be known, and the explanation given for the sordid, totally unnecessary and brutal affair of his crucifixion by thoughtless mortals, as false. An innocent Son of God does not need to ransom mortal children for their perceived misdeeds. Many honest souls have needlessly suffered through this puerile belief that he was an offering to an angry offended God.

“This is childlike thinking and belongs to the dark ages. The time has come for the real truth to be known, for a greater understanding to dawn upon the minds of Gods mortal children on this earth. So, these misled minds will be set free from the terrible bondage of eternal damnation.

“As the life and teachings of Jesus will be rediscovered, it is hoped that all peoples will discern the real truth – which he came to proclaim: the unconditional love of his and your Father in heaven, and how to search for and do, the will of this self-same Father.

“Jesus was and is the prime example of one who was/is always seeking to be obedient to his Father’s will. The Paradise Father does not arbitrarily interfere with the free will of humanity and therefore Jesus’ life ended according to the puny will of men, although he, Jesus, could have ended the slaughter by his own Power.

“He resurrected himself on the third day, and this became the greatest visible sign that was ever given; that life continues after death.

“This is the understanding humankind stands to gain from His Life and Teachings.”

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