What Is Service?

Alabama, US of A, July 31, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “What Is Service?”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “What is service? The highest service is the expression of divine love through a human personality. It is an expression of the best attributes of a human being – truth, beauty, and goodness. Therefore, service is filled with wisdom. Service is not doing for others what they should do on their own – their duty. A good service to one person may as well be to let her face the consequences of her ill-conceived decisions and learn a valuable lesson. Service is not giving a fish to a hungry person, but teaching him how to fish. Service is not preventing others from facing their problems, and certainly it is not causing problems to others.

“Serve your siblings as your Father – and Jesus of Nazareth – serve their children. Offer your siblings the bread of life. Do not spoon-feed them, because they would starve if you are not near. Demonstrate how to live a life fruitful and filled with real satisfactions. Live your life as an illustration for them, so they can discern the way and even get a glimpse of the goal of life. Do not be indolent with the suffering of your peers. Even when they are facing the consequences of their actions, offer suggestions, alternatives and comfort so they can move forward.

“Service can be to teach values, responsibility, honesty, and dedication. Service can be to prepare a human being to be a useful and productive member of society, while they labor at the same time for their spiritual progress and to prepare for the life in the next levels of existence. Service can be creating social institutions that strive to make each human being useful, depending on the individual capacity of each. It should become evident that the greatest opportunities of service can be found in the formation and sustaining of the family – the raising of children. Therefore, to be a father or a mother is the best opportunity to perform a higher service, of exercising devotion and being a revelation of the Celestial Father for the human children.

“Yes, those who really want to live the will of God and serve their peers should try first to become fathers or mothers. This is how human beings participate with God in the creation of other beings with the potential for immortality. In truth, if the parents of this world would consider the responsibility and the great opportunity for growth they have in their hands and do their best effort, this world would be a lot better. Can you see now where you should focus your service efforts? It is in your family where you can have the higher impact and where you can obtain the experiences that will bring you the greatest benefit.”

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