The Truth when Untold

Illawarra District, Australia, September 16, 2015.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Aaron of Urantia.

Subject: “The Truth when Untold.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “Firstly, my dear friend and student, Aaron and I bring you greetings from friends and family that have embarked on their Mansion World journeys, who think of you and pray for you at least as often as you remember them. As well, we want to make clear about the Teacher groups you named ‘the Mentori’ — the new groups that came into being by Michael’s mandate — so as to not disappoint any celestial who chose to teach on any former rebellious world or any normal Nebadon world in temporary difficulties.

“It is so that many more Teachers qualified than were taken up by our needful worlds and therefore lessons are prepared by groups of five, seven or nine contributors of varied origins and destinies, although just one or two may be their spokespersons. You may refer to them as Teacher Groups or Mentori, although that name was given to them to merely draw you out with questions about the make-up of such groups.

“We carry on now with our given task. We have been asked to cover truth and untruth and in particular the truth when it is untold. Let me first explain that on the Mansion Worlds and on every inhabited planet beyond Mansonia you will be gifted with additional senses. Almost all these new senses will be what you might presently see as psychic senses — an ability to feel what others feel — a capacity to discern another’s wishes or a knack for simply knowing the truth.

“It is right here on this evolutionary planet where many of these budding gifts of increased overall sensitivity may occasionally come to the fore . . . if you will let them. Foremost of these to be discovered and cause embarrasment are at times called the little white lie and instances of the truth when untold.

“On the Mansion Worlds, that sometimes handy little white lie just does not cut it. Every citizen other than the newly arrived has the capacity to see through what on your planet was mostly an innocuous pleasantry. Mansion World citizens are hardly fooled. They possess the additional senses. And one owns up to the white lie, of course.

“A more important matter to get off one’s chest is the truth when still untold. Whenever it is clearly judged to be safe, it is good policy to have one’s heart on one’s sleeve, if only life on the evolutionary planet can be seen as a foretaste of what is eventually to come for all. Indeed, on Mansonia one’s demeanor clearly portrays any number of untold truths you will gladly share.”

Aaron: “Such a different place, such different rules, such different attitudes. Yes, you will carry on where you left off, but you’ll be so much closer to all you will call them ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters.’

“Samuel and I wish you good day.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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