Catch and Keep!

Oregon, June 10, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Catch and Keep!”

Message received by Anyas

Teacher: “Each soul has equal access to nurturing spiritual influences. A worldwide spiritual web has been installed on the Day of Pentecost, facilitating a more direct connection with the threefold spiritual guidance of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

“Other interim Teachers and Guides are assigned to you upon request. Many of us in higher realms ‘itch’ to be part of your ongoing spiritual education. All it takes is your sincere asking—your registration.

“The Father never wastes any resources, which warranties the eternal sustainability of His vast multiverse. Suppose a soul drops out of the program. Its teachers are then reassigned to another one—not randomly, but after careful consideration of its most urgent needs, as well as based on compatibility. Each one of your teachers has some affinities with your personality. They can ‘relate’ to you, either through their past experiences or because they are most qualified to provide enlightening answers to your existentialist questions.

“In the greater scheme of things, these educational programs promote all their participants' spiritual growth—both students and faculty. The teachers harvest valuable second-hand experience from you. They become more proficient at metering out their wisdom, and, as you assimilate their input, you earn your stripes as Teacher Assistants.

“Don’t refrain from asking questions pertinent to your life. Their answers will ‘dawn’ on you—seemingly out of nowhere. They are proof that you were heard and taken seriously. Validate it for yourself—encouraged by others’ success stories.

“Put it to the test by articulating a relevant question and putting it out there—as you would attach a bait at the end of your fishing line before throwing it into the stream, keeping your sight on the stopper to be alerted by the telltale jerk caused by a fish bite. The sudden stroke of insight you get when the solicited answer lands in your receptive mind, will let you know that this inter-realm communication was successfully downloaded, bringing you the rich spiritual sustenance that only truth can deliver.”

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