Seeing Beauty in the Passing of Life – Part II

Mattawan, Michigan US of A, August 5, 2020.
Teacher: Magisterial Son, Monjoronson.
Subject: “Seeing Beauty in the Passing of Life – Part II.”

Message received by Vicki Vanderheyden.

Monjoronson: “Beauty has a universal quality that encompasses all aspects of living in both life’s unity and its separation. It does not exist in happiness alone. Beauty can be seen and love can be felt in the sorrow of pain, misery and death. It can be unleashed through a most cruel affront and from the most endearing gesture. It requires that you look for it, acknowledge it and then feel the love it unfolds. You need only to ask, “Where is the beauty in this situation, where was the beauty in that experience, where was the beauty in that human being?” Was there beauty in the people, in the disclosure, in the aftermath or in the lesson learned?

“Within human struggle lies the wholeness of life. And in the wholeness of life, beauty awaits to disclose truth and transform it into love. When you center on beauty it provides you with the opportunity to observe, to discriminate, and to appreciate the dualities of life. It can empower you to recover from the distortion of a lie that burns deeply within you because at times, the stark contrast of falseness can best highlight the beauty of truth. And if at that time you struggle to see this from the deep wounds that you feel, be assured that there is indeed, love and gratitude in knowing the difference between fact and fiction.

“And before long you will discover that love engenders beauty as well, for there will come a moment in time when the love you feel for your dear ones will remind you of the world they have passed into. One that is free of physical burdens, free of the veils, and free of the many limitations of material life. And you will realize that your love for them transcends the loss and will eventually settle into gratitude. For though you will physically miss each other, you will find beauty and peace in knowing that their life is now richer in other ways by the nurturing nature of the afterlife.

“Life is about the choices we make. It is about the way we tend to our inner landscape. The quality of our life improves with our ability even in the saddest of circumstances, to see its beauty, and feel the love that lies below the surface. So, when you find yourself in the throes of loss, try to step away from your grief and allow yourself to access the beauty of your precious loved one, the beauty of that moment, the beauty of a cherished memory, the beauty of the past and the beauty of what is developing around you. And remind yourself that no matter where you are, you have the ability to engender an aspect of beauty from every experience and gather the nectar of love from it.”

Vicki: “Thank you Monjoronson. The ‘beauty’ of these words comforts me. They fill me with much love. This, I will share with others.”

Monjoronson: “You are most welcome. You have my condolences and my love.”

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