Illawarra District, Australia, February 20, 2006.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu.
Subject: “A Lesson in Trust.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “There are board meetings to attend, revisions and reports to be handed in, forward planning sessions to be attended, and yet I am here with you, for a time.

“Like you, we take delight in a plan coming to fruition, and giving us approximately what we set out to achieve, and like it is in your world, some of the most cleverly conceived projects may go astray. We make our plans with the greatest of care as input is acquired from all quarters, and high-speed communication allows us to collect thousands upon thousands of bits of data from the Morontia Cherubim to the Archangels and beyond.

“This is our life, this is our work, and this is what we are about. We are Urantia’s United Midwayers. Now to answer your question: We do not often know in advance what particular achievements anyone is going to chalk up to his or her credit in terrestrial life, or in their lives, for those functioning as a group. There are other places, other beings, even some impersonal beings that are in touch with the future, whilst we mostly deal with sheer reckoning, much experience, and our reliance on guidance.

“And so, as it once was, with just one thousand, one hundred and eleven of us on this planet, one might suggest, only the most urgent of tasks had ever been taken care of anywhere on the globe. Yes! It always was a matter of priorities, but in these days of the Correcting Time, there is respite for many of you humans, who in the past would have been neglected, and who at present are cared for. And so the incidence of so-called miracles that are coming to your attention will increase, more and more.

“So what is the worth of a human life? That is a question easily answered. Each life is of inestimable value in itself, and in addition it has value in what is learned, the spiritual progress that is made, and if and when it impacts on the lives around it, the environment, the future of medicine, science, yes, psychology, teaching, art, commerce, politics and family life, and more, yes, more. However, the length of a human life is not necessarily all that significant, for if progress lags on terra firma it can be made up for on the Mansion Worlds.

“We, the Midwayers, follow orders. We may well be instructed to save one man who seemingly ‘makes no waves’ as it concerns progress, but his son or grandson yet unborn may be the contributor in time still distant. We could well be ordered to heal the young woman who will be the great-grandmother of the intellectual child, who will find the world at her feet through her insight and actions. Long lived as we are, we see that pattern repeated throughout the ages. We simply trust in universal business being as usual—seeming chaos, but well ordered—pandemonium at times, yet ‘coming together’ like the most brilliant of stage scripts in a professional performance.

“For you who ‘made our acquaintance’ just yesterday, and ‘say your fare-thee-wells’ tomorrow’, have confidence in the Creator Father’s overall plan that nothing is random, all is foreseen, all subjects are taught, and all care is taken in the here and the hereafter, and whenever you must question, ‘Why me?’

“This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu bidding a fond au revoir to my co-worker of some years, and all who will study this lesson in trust.”

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