Oregon, USA, October15, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Love’s Transcendence”

Message received by Anyas

Thought Adjuster: “The most certain proof that love is divine is that it transcends time and space. No matter where your loved ones find themselves in the far-flung universes, they are forever present in your heart. From that perspective, you could say that your emotional heart is a time capsule that keeps the eternal present alive. It is more so because you are indwelt by a divine Fragment that originated from pre-time and pre-space—the divine bosom.

“Your loved ones may have departed physically, but they are still present in heart and spirit, as the flavor of their unique personality remains with you. By recalling them in your consciousness, here they are. Be assured that the process is the same from their vantage point.

“Fond memories are also grounds for gratitude. They bring to your attention the true, the good, and the beautiful that these heart connections blessed you with. It is the reason why no one wishes to let go of such loving association—another telltale sign that love is for keeps.

“As you go through your days, focus on love above anything else. It is how you will leave a shining trail wherever you are. Harboring love in your heart is how you sanctify your human vessel. It then becomes a communicating vase for the divine love to flow in you and through you to bless all as it blesses you.”

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