Alabama, US of A, September 27, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Your Salvation”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Salvation is a matter of personal achievement. Many human traditions promote the idea of a savior, someone who comes to free humanity from their self-imposed chains and to show the way to heaven. Indeed, these spiritual leaders can only do that – show the way – but have no power whatsoever to bring anybody to that path. Not even the Father dares to overrule the free will of any of His children. In the end, each individual is in charge of their own salvation.

“In this sense, achieving salvation represents the highest expression of human freedom. If you reach the personal presence of the Father in His likeness as a perfected being, it will be because of your decisions and your own effort. Achieving the goal of the ages means that a creature has reached perfection by taking control of each aspect related to her eternal destiny, using the power of her will and all the resources of her personality to become a being of light, consecrated to the divine will.

“For a long time, some irreflexive humans have considered freedom as the power to do whatever they want without having to answer for their actions – without any responsibility. However, this freedom is false. If you reject responsibility for your thoughts, decisions, and actions, you will inevitably become a marionette of destiny, a person who reacts to the situations in life always the same way, without making any progress. Your life would become chaos and the harmony of your physical systems would be affected. When an entire society lives in such a way, the evidences of disorder, chaos, lack of harmony, and regression become apparent in all aspects of the life of the members of that society.

“On the other hand, when you decide to take control over your own being – which, after all, is the only realm where you can exert complete control – you start the struggle to achieve self-mastery. Thus, you become independent of the material world, its situations, its appearances, its contradictions, and its false needs. It is then that you can choose your own path to achieve the highest, most beautiful, and most complete expression of your being. You have decided to understand and live the will of the Father and you have started to control each aspect of your personality and your thinking to be better. In the end, the result is an individual capable of navigating the confusing currents of this world without losing sight of the north that will bring her to an increasingly completer state, with more happiness and satisfaction.

“For this reason, the Master said, ‘He who rules his own spirit is mightier than he who takes a city’. Only you can make your own salvation possible, when you choose the path that leads to eternal life, transforming your being into the most beautiful creature, filled with truth and goodness, that you can imagine in this stage of your existence. This is the highest creative achievement of human life – a mutual collaboration between God and each human being.”

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