Oregon, USA, October10, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “What Has Been Swept Under the Red Carpet”

Message received by Anyas

“The Jews had variously conceived of the Messiah as perfected human, superhuman, and even as divine, but they never entertained the concept of the union of the human and the divine. […] The incarnation of the Creator in the form of the creature had not been revealed beforehand.” [UB 136:1.6]

Thought Adjuster: “The above statement led you to pause. Over 2,000 years after the messianic event, it sheds new light on a divinely-orchestrated intent that clashed with various human takes about the range of Jesus’ mission of salvation.

“In their quest for understanding, human minds often come up with fictitious scenarios, as some of the foundational elements of their theories are faulty. However, one cannot blame them for trying to get a grip on the divine providence's mysterious workings.

“From this perspective, one can understand why Jesus was a confusing wild card in the Jewish simplistic and self-serving way of thinking. They viewed themselves as the chosen people, thus shrinking the universal outreach of the messianic intervention to fit into their short-sighted wishful thinking of national liberation. Their racial superiority complex led them to turn deaf ears to Jesus’ proclamations that his advent was on behalf of the whole world—as a unifier, not a nationalist zealot.

“How, then, could he complete such a difficult spiritual task? He certainly had to supersede ideological and political divisiveness. It is why he consistently refused to be labeled as a political figure. Such was not his calling.

“The Creator Son of your universe was born as an infant of your realm to poignantly reveal to humankind through his way of life how to get in touch with their super-humanness and adequately cater to their budding divinity.

“It is why it is spiritually enlightening to reflect on first-hand accounts of Jesus’ life in the flesh—as recorded in the Fifth Epochal Revelation of the Urantia Book. It sets the record of his life straight in minute details, purging it from the many misconceptions that occurred before, during, and after his earthly sojourn. It presents weighty information that had been injudiciously swept by his adoring fans under the red carpet of their personality cult or premeditatedly concealed under their doormat by foes intent at destroying all traces of inconvenient evidence standing in the way of their godless agenda.”

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