Oregon, USA, October 22, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Evolution with Twists of Improvisation”

Message received by Anyas

Thought Adjuster: “Cosmic evolution is not a cookie-cutter type of process. The boundless divine imagination provides countless opportunities for creative or co-creative improvisation since it involves the participation of myriads of free will sentient creatures. Each can turn out to be an asset or a wild card in the unstoppable course of evolution.

“The Father is alive and well. He is the fountain of youth that renews the eternal present and peppers it with many surprise elements. Why then would you rely on obsolete maps to make impactful life choices? Charts are outdated once improvements in the traffic patterns are implemented–including shortcuts, roundabouts, or one-way streets.

“Not only that. The Father is present within you, giving you unlimited access to soul-to-soul interactions. To him, you are always persona grata and he will grant you spur-of-the-moment audiences to help you navigate your eventful time-space itinerary adequately!

“You can also provide welcome lifts to the spiritual ‘hitchhikers’ who happen to make their way through the same stretch of inroads to Paradise after making the weightiest conscious decision of their lifetime: to cater to the coming to fruition of their godlikeness.

“Your guidance team ever keeps abreast of your current coordinates amid the ever-changing circumstances of your life. As pioneers in foreign spiritual territories, you will have to deal with unprecedented turns of event—both as individuals and societies.

“Ideally, evolution should be a synonym for progression toward the ages' sublime objective of settling in light and life. Anything else causes costly delays of stagnation or regression.

“I am your most progressive ally, as I know where the Father wishes for me to take you. You may have a general idea since you made the judicious decisions to head to destination Paradise. I am your loyal life coach. I drop into your mind the practical inspirations you need to graduate from the formation stage of your soul. Life will put you through many highly educational crises that will serve as the midwifery toward the emergence of your harmonious godlike selfhood.”

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