Oregon, USA, October 30, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “The Chain of Custody of Your Identity”

Message received by Anyas

“The present, when divorced from the past and the future, becomes exasperatingly trivial.” [UB 160:2.9]

Thought Adjuster: “Each present moment should serve as a stepping stone toward a brighter reality considering that you are evolutionary creatures—not stationary beings. As well, myriads of well-timed happenstances bring to the fore of your consciousness latent opportunities. The present is an ever-growing legacy from the past and the seed-money for future developments.

“Those who suffer from amnesia lost significant reference points—the chain of custody of their identity. The loss of their navigational data leaves them bereaved with a terrifying sense of non-belonging.

“Because your existence has an underlying intelligent purpose, it acquires meaning when your decisions support both the short and long-term divine vision for your being. An idling soul deprives itself of the growing sense of self-respect a pro-active soul acquires. Indeed, an unproductive life dulls the spirit and inhibits soul growth.

“Time is like a moving sidewalk that transports you forward even though you may stand still on it. Your apparent standstill implies that you are firmly grounded in the present moment, on the outlook for soul-growth opportunities that will help you mature—over time.

“Those who invest their life force judiciously harvest many dividends—both for themselves and others. Such is the moment-by-moment foundation of genuine happiness. Keep it in mind and at heart as you access a brand-new day.”

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