Illawarra District, Australia, December 15, 2004.
Primary Midwayer, Andréa.
Subjects: “My World, My Life, My Progress.”
                “Identifying Your Tasks.”

Received by George Barnard.

Andréa: “Many of you consider the plight of our Secondary Cousins and the countless centuries they have labored on this world. Fewer of you tend to spare a thought for the lesser-known Primary Midwayers that have been here so very much longer. Indeed, the lifetime of my beloved co-worker, ABC-22 (Bzutu), makes him but a youngster in the field of doing Michael’s and the Father’s work.

“However, this planet is his home, and it is also mine, rocky, troubled, polluted and still full of human anger and distrust, yet beloved and cherished by us, by me, as it will always be my treasured home from where I look back at the many Celestial Visitors I have accompanied, guided and enlightened around and about the places to see, the people to visit.

“And no matter how far they have all now traveled towards their personal perfection and future union with their Creator Father, we are in touch, we deeply love each other, and we feel as one. Not in the least do I hear from my many human friends and co-workers with whom I have toiled to spiritize this world for so many millennia. They are all dear to my heart, as are you, your co-worker friends, and all those who read the progress transcripts, I adopt them now, and will in the future, ever.

(Responding to a comment) “Oh, no! No, do not pity me, George! You must envy me, rather, for the great life I live, and the love I receive from all over our universes. I am Andréa, my own person, and I feel that there is not another anywhere as blessed as I am. This is my world, my life, my progress.

“They were the Grecian blue-eyed blonds that were my co-workers, the Red Man of Asia and the Americas, the pre-Viking races of the northern European lands. They are your friends and there will be many to come, each with their own personality, each with their own goal in life, each a piece of the puzzle, and each a tiny stone in the mosaic of the Great Creator Father’s eternal work.

“Truly, my dear friends, with my overview of the long ages, I say to you, trouble yourselves not about the paths you tread, be they difficult-to-survey forest trails of loneliness, or wide-open spaces with companionable fellow travelers. It is by your heart and your soul that you must be guided — carry on regardless with the work placed in front of you.

“There may be many ways in which you may proceed as one of the many crossroads in your lives present themselves. Feel certain, and ‘convinced to the absolute’ that the directions you sense, and are given to you, are to fulfill your lives’ goals and are but to the greater glory of the Creator Himself, Who has found a niche for you, and you, and you, and as He does for all others.

“From my age-long viewpoint of His Planning and Forethought, His Love and all-knowing Wisdom, I can see no wrong in your merely occupying your places to form a part of the whole. Indeed, you can do no wrong if you will listen, ever, to the Guiding Voice inside of you, and you identify your tasks with care.

“This is Midwayer, Andréa, and I am so very pleased to be welcomed once again by your open arms. Be you loved. Be you blessed. Be you treasured as I am treasured. I say Adieu.”

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