Oregon, USA, November 6, 2020.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Monumental but Inconspicuous Step”.

Message received by Anyas.

“And whatever it shall cost you in the things of the world, no matter what price you may pay to enter the kingdom of heaven, you shall receive manyfold more joy and spiritual progress in this world, and in the age to come eternal life.” [UB 137:8.14].

Thought Adjuster: “Jesus made this truthful prediction as one of the opening statements of his public ministry. He went straight to the objective of his human incarnation, rebuking various misconceptions about the basic requirements for spiritual citizenship in the heavenly kingdom while operating in a human form.

“Due to your unalienable free will prerogative, you are the determinant factor as to how and when you will enthrone God in your heart. Those who have taken this consequential initiative can vouch for the validity of Jesus’ prophetic words. As they invest their life force in support of the divine vision for all lives, they experience the deep sense of relief and thrill that rides on the coattail of worthwhile pursuits.

“The rewards of spiritual living are emotional and spiritual upgrades. You will wisely adopt the cosmic Golden rule as a reliable decisional standard. It will challenge you to remedy the weak areas of your character in need of an overhaul. You will strive to tame the rebellious side of your ego by lending a deaf ear to its selfish and unreasonable clamors.

“Over time, you will start harvesting to your heart’s and soul’s content the fruits of the spirit. You will look kindlier at others, knowing that they too are called to fight a fierce internal battle to subdue all baser and unbecoming propensities.

“What you first deemed to be a steep admission fee will turn out to be a token one—a low price to pay for the spring cleaning of your soul. It will fill you with immense gratitude—never regretting to have taken this monumental, yet inconspicuous step in the only sensible direction.”

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