Alabama, US of A, October 7, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Increased Likeness.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “All the uncertainties, doubts, and apparent contradictions you find in your human life will be resolved sooner or later for those who honestly search for truth. Someday, once you have gained more experience and you have been provided with a superior mind, you will understand many things when you consider them from a higher point of view.

“The search for spiritual perfection does not invalidate in any way the curiosity of man to know his surroundings. This curiosity has given birth to science and philosophy, two noble achievements for individuals and civilization. The efforts of humanity to find answers to the mysteries of the universe is just another manifestation of the impulse to find God – inspired by the presence of the Father within. For those who are searching for evidence of how spirit influences the flesh, this impulse to know more is the most eloquent evidence.

“The effort to better understand the universe inevitably brings the researcher to face the hypothesis of a primordial cause, eventually finding the Father as the origin of all there is. Those who search the Father in their life experience through an authentic religious experience, sooner or later will find God behind each manifestation in the universe. Science and religion bring all true searchers to the presence of the Father, but where science cannot reach, faith can be the bridge to discover in the personal spiritual experience that which cannot be experienced by other means.

“All human beings need both science and religion to formulate their personal philosophy of the universe and the purpose of their existence. As this purpose becomes clearer and as you discover the relationship you can establish with your Father, the fruits of spirit that spontaneously manifest in your experience will assure you that you are getting closer to the truth. When you find in your life peace beyond all understanding and experience a divine love that makes you consider the universe as a place where you can grow to be the best you can be, trusting in the care of the Creator, you will know you are walking in the right direction, and that your faith is based on solid foundations, not susceptible to be altered by the appearances and the confusion of this world. Then you will realize you have attained the freedom to build yourself in increased likeness to the God you are discovering.”

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