Oregon, USA, February 8, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Pillars of Life.”

Message received by Anyas.

“The universe is not wound up like a clock to run just so long and then cease to function; all things are constantly being renewed. The Father unceasingly pours forth energy, light, and life.” [UB 4:1.6]

Thought Adjuster: “The Father is not a stingy giver. His blessings are eternally sustainable—even though appearances may seem contrary. Yes, the energies, the light, and life that fuel each life are inexhaustible, as they ARE what IS—the very nature of the Creator.

When a caterpillar ascends toward its butterfly-ness, it is the very same life force that causes its wings to unfold and urges it to take its maiden flight. When your physical body is no longer fit to interact with its material living quarters, your being-ness gets transferred to more aethereal experiential realms—other interactive planes for your evolving soul.

What matters is how you invest your life force. The threefold divine criteria for creation and procreation are forever reliable in their immutability: Is it good? Is it true? Is it beautiful? Such is the optimal quality control that the Divine wholeheartedly embraces while giving you free rein on how you spend your renewable energy quota.

Human beings remain body-, mind-, and soul-strong by ingesting servings of ‘daily bread’ to feed the three operative planes of their being. Your body would quickly wither away if deprived of the regenerative time-outs of sleep and the intake of the essential nutrients that enable it to be of service. As well, your mind needs to be ‘intelligently’ fed with thought-provoking and soul-sustaining manna from above, as unbeknownst to many superficial thinkers, the purpose of your material incarnation is to foster the emergence of your eternal soul.

By living consciously, you will cater to all these pillars of your life. Your quest for truth, beauty, and goodness places you on track with your eternal destiny. Celebrate this benevolent trio that supports your highest good and leave by the wayside whatever is devoid of a motivational driving force, enlightening truth, and eternal life expectancies.”

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