Oregon, USA, February 22, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “From Goodness to Greatness through Grace.”

Message received by Anyas.

“To be great is to be Godlike. And since the quality of greatness is wholly determined by the content of goodness, it follows that, even in your present human estate, if you can through grace become good, you are thereby becoming great.” [UB, 28:6.22]

Thought Adjuster: “God is the epitome of greatness because He is the epitome of goodness. How does one emulate such indescribable greatness? Through the gateway of goodness — doing good unto all, indiscriminately and magnanimously.

“The Father does not mandate you to become like Him without freely providing you with optimal resources: Jesus, a divine Son, incarnated in a visible human form; legions of seraphic hosts and teachers accredited from on high anonymously and selflessly minister to humankind; and as His most significant vote of confidence, the Divine dispatches a Fragment of Himself to indwell you, instantly seizing the window of golden opportunity that opens up once you independently make your first moral decision — thus unequivocally claiming your soul as a work in progress.

“Thought Adjusters [are] the actual gift of the great God himself sent to indwell such as the humans of [Earth], without announcement and without explanation. In endless profusion they descend from the heights of glory to grace and indwell the humble minds of those mortals who possess the capacity for God-consciousness or the potential therefor.” [UB, 2:1.7]

“This is what links grace and goodness. The Father personally guides you FROM WITHIN! Therefore, none of you should ever complain of neglect. Once you willingly cooperate with your divine Indweller, you are on your way to authentic greatness, as He will expertly nudge you to develop your unique talents to, as Jesus did, make them visible for all to behold. You will thus become another non-negligible inspiration in the big scheme of things, thus helping goodness reach critical mass on your world and beyond.”

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