Alabama, US of A, August 27, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Religion and State.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Let us say a few words about the subject of separation between religion and state. It is true that many groups use their religious beliefs as an excuse to abandon common sense and establish rules or laws that have little to do with human progress or simple respect for human life. This is a consequence of letting religion degrade into simple rules of conduct that are obeyed without any discernment.

“Many of the outdated ideas of the religions of the past — before Michael’s visit — still persist in the minds of your government leaders and legislators. When this is the case it would be much better for governments to forget everything they think they know about religion and dedicate themselves exclusively to procuring the well-being of the people they represent by using the resources of logic, common sense and science.

“However, if this world had a religion in which every believer had as a personal goal the consecration of their personal will to the Divine Will, this religion would play an important role at all levels of society and would promote progress in all areas of human development. A religion like the one lived by Michael in this world as the carpenter of Nazareth can only find complete expression by offering unconditional love in any task that may come in life.

“The most eloquent sign of spiritual progress is unconditional love to others — sharing the love of the Father with your peers in this world. This way the love of God is manifested in this world through the actions of His children, when they lovingly serve their brothers and sisters. A government in which every individual lives with these beliefs systems and these noble aspirations will be a government that will truly promote progress for civilization to a level previously not reached on this world.”

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