Chicago, US of A, March 3, 2017.
Teacher: Midwayer Thomas.
Subject: “Education is Liberating.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Midwayer Thomas: “The Universe is an immense school for the evolutionary creatures that enter the ascension career. God does create beings with the knowledge and skills for specific functions in the universe. Although these beings are perfect in what they were divinely endowed with, they lack the experience of realization in acquiring this knowledge and experience. Education, after worship, is perhaps the noblest function human beings can dedicate their lives to. Education is the process of acquiring spiritual, intellectual and practical knowledge in ways that enrich one’s personal experience towards service. Let us dwell on this theme of Education for a moment.

“The Essence of Education is Insight. Mere observation of the world results in no education. Insight is a curious thinking on things followed by enlightenment about a particular concept. It is revelation that comes to you from thinking. It’s not infallible. Sometimes, the insight is mistaken about content, but it is never wrong in essence. If it is not altogether reasonable, it is altogether experientially meaningful. The primitive man may once have had an insight that the Sun was god. Such a conclusion is worthless as a scientific fact, but it is highly valuable as a religious experience.

“The Benefit of Education is Empowerment. A newborn baby is helpless. It knows how to suck the milk from the mother’s breasts, but only if it is offered to it. As it grows, it gains increasing power. Education produces growth that empowers human beings to understand the world, the self and others. It empowers us to know truth, to appreciate beauty and share goodness if education is holistic, that is, spiritual, moral, and ethical. The best inheritance parents can leave to their children is indeed a good education, not only formal, but mainly a homely, parental education.

“The Experience of Education is Satisfying. A person who stops learning is missing a great part of life. The three most satisfying experiences in life are worship, loving and learning. It’s a great pleasure transitioning from not knowing to knowing, if the learner follows these rules: first, be selective; knowledge is infinite but you are not. Second, be moral; learn that which is good; third, be helpful; use your knowledge and skills mostly to help others in need. In this way, your education is not only beneficial to you but also to others, especially if you assume a position like mine — that of a teacher.

“Education, my friend, is a progressive process. Sometimes new learning replaces old ones, but the experience of learning builds an enjoyable sense of satisfaction. Education is also a community task, where the family, community and state should participate. Education means to spread the knowledge of truth, and as you can imagine, this is a threat to those whose interest is only to dominate people, because slaving domination prevails by hiding the truth, and preventing people from being fully educated about the facts. The truth, as the Master said, is liberating. I am your old friend, Midwayer Thomas, be well.”

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