Chicago, US of A, April 24, 2017.
Teacher: Secondary Midwayer, Sharmon.
Subject: “Unconditional Love: Loving Over and Beyond.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Sharmon: “Do human beings on Urantia really know what is meant by ‘Unconditional Love?’ Many people use this expression as romantic jargon and to cause an impression, but do they really know what it means? Unconditional Love catches the essence of true love. Love is not pure if it is not unconditional. Therefore, only God can give love in its most pure expression, because God loves with no respect for persons. In fact, it is impossible for human beings to show unconditional love by themselves, for such love needs to be a fruit of the Holy Spirit in you, enabling you to love over and beyond.

“Loving Over and Beyond Any Qualification. If you love unconditionally, no qualification — good or bad — in the person you love may alter your love. You will love if either the person is deserving or not, pleasant or irritating, good or bad — no qualification matters because your love is unconditional. A specific need about a person may determine the way love is expressed, but never the quality of unconditional love. The reason for loving somebody primarily resides on your will, a decision by you, and you decide if this love is going to be over and beyond any qualification, or not.

“Loving Over and Beyond Any Rejection. When somebody rejects you is when it hurts you most. When you are hurt may come the temptation to stop loving and give back evil for evil. But if you let anything in you — even the pain of rejection — prevent or diminish your love, then, a condition is created, and your love is no longer unconditional. You cannot pretend not being hurt by the rejection — it’s useless. The only way to love over and beyond a hurtful rejection is giving unconditional, complete and replete forgiveness. Then rejection will not stop your love.

“Loving Over and Beyond Any Perception. Unconditional love is regardless of what other people’s perception may say about it. People may not approve or praise your love; however, for your love it is immaterial; it doesn’t depend on praise or reproach, it doesn't depend on anything, for it is an unconditional love. You may feel happy or sad with others’ opinions, but nothing of that will change your love’s essence because your love is over and beyond other people’s perception. Unconditional love charges nothing and accepts no payment for it. It is priceless and ultimately ‘unpayable.’ It’s a love unimpressed by others’ evaluations.

“So, my dear friend, unconditional love is a very special business. Not everybody is capable of nurturing it, or even capable of showing it. There is no condition for this kind of love. It is so spiritual that it is almost unexplainable. It comes from God and needs the help of the Spirit of God to be manifested. But do not be discouraged. Perfect love requires perfection, and that, my friend, is a progressive experiential journey. We will get it one day on Paradise, but the journey starts here, on Urantia. I am Sharmon, the most charming of the Midway Realm. Love!”

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