Asheville, NC, US of A, April 8, 2018.
Teacher: Xsamuel (‘Zam-u-el’)
Subject: “Entwined Relationship of Destinies.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Xsamuel: “Greetings my dear brother, I AM Xsamuel, and I have been near you for some time now. The name I have given to you has a meaning in your culture. The name ‘Samuel’ in this context means ‘asked of God.’ The ‘X’ is a prefix to add the distinction of my order: X=Absonite. There is little information in your text about the Absonite beings other than the fact that we are ‘eventuated’ — that we have no beginning — a concept that is quite paradoxical to your finite minds. There are Absonite worlds throughout the seven super universes and in the central universe — paradise. My home world is in the system you call ‘Sirius’ and we have been invited by your Christ Michael (Asked of God) to participate in the rehabilitation of your world.

“Absonite beings are very diverse in nature throughout the universes and we can provide services that no other order may claim and it is just such a special service that we are here to provide. It is true, that we transcend time and space, and by that we may move about as we desire without the need to negotiate gravity. We work with energies and in the mind circuits. You, as children of the Supreme, you participate in the emergence of Supreme destiny, whereas Absonites contribute to the emergence of God the Ultimate — ultimate destiny.

“You may wonder then, why are we here on this world where finites are participating in the emergence of God the Supreme? The Architects of the Master Universe are of similar nature to Absonites, and yet they organize and initiate the massive energies needed for universe construction — they also are transcendent of time and space, and through their services they provide the energies for the material spheres where the children of the Supreme work out the experiential fulfillment of the Creator’s subjectivity. Ultimacy and Supremacy are linked — succeeding ages (time) and what happens in the age of Supremacy affects the outcomes of Ultimacy. By this entwined relationship of destinies, I come here to participate in the transformation of certain energies that will allow for a greater attunement for human minds to work with their Indwelling Monitors and other services I may not reveal at this time.

“The rebellion that happened in this remote universe on the edge of organized space has sent notable ripples through the ages and your world has become a very peculiar place demanding of such attention by transcendent beings and the onlookers from Paradise. Urantia has redefined the meaning of ‘decimal planet’ and the permitted experimentation of life here. You are all participating in a crucial period of development that deserves the attention of my order to ensure Supreme destinies unfold in a way that supports the desires of the Creator’s idea for Ultimate destinies to consummate. Anywhere in the universes where the ‘extraordinary’ happens, it is of great interest to all those working in and for the Great Plan.

“My associates and I are grateful to have this opportunity to communicate with you and we look forward to more of these chats as we shall be ‘camping’ here for some time on your world and the other worlds needing attention in your system. Call on me anytime you feel our energies near you.”

“There’s ‘no time’ like the present . . .”

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